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End of the month, and of this "December days" series; end of 2014. I'm not trying to make any new year's resolutions this year: in 2014 I half-seriously resolved to tweet as Gaeilge at least once a week during 2014, partly as a way to encourage myself to learn more of the language and partly because the verb "tvuít" is just so cute. With the most generous possible interpretation (counting even just a few words in the middle of a mostly-English tweet), I managed ... 23. Oops. So I'm not in a rush to set myself up for anything particular this arbitrary-time-division, but a little bit of reflection seems popular around this time of year.

A good part of 2014 involved bumbling along as before, but towards the end of the year I started disentangling a whole skein of overwork/depression issues, not least getting an internal transfer to a new job whose formal start date is tomorrow (of course I don't actually start back for a few more days), and trying to rebalance my life to contain less grinding along with things and more spending time with people I love. Unexpected bonus: starting down this road appeared to result in a 30-year nail-biting habit going away without me even needing to think about it. I still have a pile of other and more important old habits to kick - in particular I need to get out of refresh-the-internet-for-more-stuff-to-read cycles - but I think I'm finally getting there, gradually.

So, 2015. I'll have a new job, and have a firm intention to keep my working hours to sensible numbers; also hopefully something pretty close to nine-to-five, although this will depend slightly on how the whole business of working with a team all of whose other members are in Australia or New Zealand works out. In particular I won't have a huge pile of carried-over responsibilities accumulated over a decade. Once the Debian technical committee sorts itself out with some new members, I'll have extricated myself from that too, and that will reduce my Debian responsibilities to roughly the set of things I actually enjoy doing. All this will free up time for family and close friends, maybe things like a bit of time during the day to help [livejournal.com profile] ghoti with her intention to learn to program, and generally not being so tired in the evenings so that I'm a more useful badger. I want to be reading regularly again rather than occasionally picking up books and running out of steam half-way through. I should be able to help get our house into the sort of state where we can have people over much more often. All sorts of things like that.

I don't expect to keep up this rate of posting! Apart from anything else, it's involved me spending a lot of time concentrating at my computer rather than being with my family, which is exactly one of the things I'm trying to reduce. But I have very much enjoyed getting back into blogging again, and the community of friends I have here, and I expect I'll try to keep it up at a more sustainable rate.

Merry Christmas (for it still is), and I hope you all enjoy the rest of whatever holidays you have planned!

This post is part of my December days series.

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