Aug. 15th, 2015 10:45 am
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I've decided to switch to being vegetarian.

This is definitely at least somewhat prompted by hanging around with [personal profile] liv and [personal profile] jack a lot more lately, although neither of them has been evangelising to us about it! (Something about this seems to invite possibly inappropriate religious metaphors; I almost wrote "convert" rather than "switch" above.) And of course [ profile] ghoti went vegetarian herself a few months ago, and since she does most of the cooking in our household that tended to cut down my meat intake anyway. The children still eat meat, so I could have asked to keep having meat as well, or could have made myself corned beef sandwiches or whatever for lunch, but somehow neither of those seemed to happen. Maybe this is the seductive allure of halloumi at work?

I think, really, I'm generally looking for ways to tread a bit more lightly upon the earth. We gave up our car a couple of years back, which definitely started with a practical prompt (an MOT test that came back with uneconomical-to-repair problems), but was also a way to improve fitness and reduce our energy footprint. I do take plane trips a couple of times a year, mostly for work, which I suppose wipes out practically every other thing I could possibly do, and I'm not totally convinced that individual action is the way to deal with climate change anyway; but these seem like weak excuses for not doing what I can in other respects. Livestock agriculture is ecologically expensive.

At this point I'm not being careful about things like gelatine or rennet, nor about cooking equipment that's also used for meat; I'm just refraining from the actual eating of chunks of dead animal.

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